Andros is considered still today to be one of the most authentic and untouched islands of the Aegean. The tradition of home made produces is something still very common on the island. Everybody loves to make its own batch of special wine or cheese, to be savoured during the rest of the year. Join us for a full 3 days workshop with Allegra Pomilio and Dimitris Krousis. During this workshop we’ll discover some of the best local producers of Andros and you’ll have the chance to truly explore and understand the authenticity of the island. Isolated beaches, crystal waters and wild animals wondering around freely, imagine to find yourself submerged into this idyllic scenery, with fruit and olive trees a few steps from the sea and spontaneous grapes growing on the soil. We’ll spend a whole day in this beautiful piece of heaven, picking and collecting grapes in order to be foot pressed in the ancient stone press. This is the way that this sweet wine has always been made, generation after generation, completely naturally.

Here’s some more practical information about the workshop:


Mèlisses, Andros, Greece.


August 21-25, 2019;

Check in: from 3 pm onwards;

Check out: from 12 pm onwards.

Our Hosts:

Allegra Pomilio our culinary host has been working in the field for many years. She assisted and spent time in Mimi Thorisson’s kitchen, in the heart of the French countryside. She spent two years honing her skills, studying at the Alain Ducasse Academy, as well as attending many prestigious Italian chef’s classes. Her photography and visual art background studies combined with her passion for food found perfect balance in Andros. Greece is her second home and Mèlisses is her continuous source of inspiration, gathering like minded people together to discover the wonders of the island, each time, under a different perspective.

Dimitris Krousis is Andros’ deep connoisseur and estimator. Born in Athens, but spent most of his childhood on the island. Him and his family have produced sweet wine in their old country house for many generations and still today, everything is made exactly like in the old days. Dimitris knows every corner of the island and will be our guide through this very special workshop, showing us all the procedures and methods. 

Letitia Clark is a trained chef turned home-cook, illustrator, and writer. Her various kitchen jobs subsequently included head baker, pastry chef and chef-de-partie at Spring, pastry chef and chef-de-partie at Ellory (now Leroy) and grill chef at Morito, Hackney.At the moment she lives between Sardinia and England and she’s currently working on her first (illustrated!) recipe book, Bitter Honey, which will be published in Spring 2020, as well as a book of food cartoons. 


What’s included in our workshop:

  • 5 days & 4 nights accommodation at Mèlisses;

  • Special cooking classes;

  • All outings and tools involving the visits of local producers and wine making activities;

  • All meals during the workshop (4 dinners, 3 lunches, 4 breakfasts, aperitivos/snacks, drinks & refreshments);

  • Meals in local tavernas;

  • All activities and excursions, including all transfers on the island to and from the house*;

  • Mèlisses full use of all its facilities;

  • Half a litre of wine produced during the workshop, shipped to your home address when ready to drink.


  • Visits of Andros’ most beautiful villages and sightseeings;

  • Island’s excursions and outings;

  • Getting to know and documenting local producers;

  • Cooking classes;

  • Wine making outing in a secluded and hidden bay of the island;

What’s not included in our workshop:

Airfare and/or Transportation to & from the island.


At Mèlisses, everything is aimed to endorse the local flora and fauna; the house is located in the exclusive and majestic bay of Paleopoli. There, underwater, you can still see the old city, once the main harboUr of Andros. The bay is opposite the extraordinary scenery of Ghiaros’ island, which is still today considered legendary and protected for its marine wildlife.

The property is completely isolated with its private access to the sea. All around the house there is quietness and peace. The property has been realised by the best team of landscape designers and architects, completely respecting the surroundings by using local plants and rough stones, creating a continuous harmony with the environment. Mèlisses is surrounded by crystal waters and countryside, where wild figs and grapes grow uninhibited, together with plenty of fruit trees and its own vegetable garden.

Not to mention the elegantly thought interior design, a mixture of Hellenic antique furniture combined with a hint of Italian extravaganza.

The outdoor area is designed to seduce all guests thanks to its breathtaking sea view.
Enjoy a good swim in the crystal waters of the sea or in one of its natural sea water pools while relaxing under the pergola shade, pampered by the Aegean breeze.

This is Mèlisses.



Please consult our Mèlisses’ guidelines here for all details and extra assistance.


The Sea Urchin suite (workshop + private accommodation) BOOKED

  • single occupancy: 1750,00 €

  • double occupancy: 1225,00 €

The Red Mullet suite (workshop + private accommodation) BOOKED

  • single occupancy: 1750,00 €

  • double occupancy: 1225,00 €

The Coral Apartment (workshop + private bedroom, shared common areas) 

-Master Bedroom

  • single occupancy: 1550,00 €

  • double occupancy: 1100,00 €

-Bunk beds

  • single occupancy:  1400,00 €

  • double occupancy: 980,00 €

 The Oyster Rooms (workshop + private bedroom, shared common areas) 

-Room one 

  • single occupancy: 1550,00 €

  • double occupancy: 1100,00 €

-Room two 

  • single occupancy: 1550,00 €

  • double occupancy: 1100,00 €


Please know that due to nature of the event, there will be no refunds or cancellations. So please ensure you are able to attend before registering. Please contact us for any additional information

Bookings & CONTACTS:

If you wish to reserve your spot, please email us at 

NB: Deposit of 50% will be needed for registration and a final payment will be due June 21st, 2019.


See you soon ! xx

ph credits: Allegra Pomilio; Ingrid Hofstra; Fiona Franziska.

* NB: Andros is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades, all participants will be driven by us on 4x4 cars, as some roads may be not paved. A little bit of adventure is what we love !

*NB: During this workshop we’ll be making wine that won’t imply any professional procedures, but only follows the traditional methods.

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