All you need to know about Mèlisses & Andros


How to reach the island of Andros

From Athens airport you can reach the port of Rafina in 20 minutes by taxi (about 30-40 Euros) or by bus. From there you can catch a direct ferry to Andros.

There are different ferries from Rafina to Andros. The trip is about two hours (or one hour with Seajets) and it costs about 18 €. You can check online their schedule or call one of the two following ticket offices.

Togias Ticket office in Rafina

Tel. +30 22940 22900
Tel. +30 22940 25200

Batis Ticket office in Andros

Tel. +30 22820 71489
Tel. +30 22820 72477

Alternatively you can fly to Mykonos and then catch a ferry to Andros. The trip from Andros to Mykonos is about two and a half hours (one hour and 1/2 with Seajets) and it costs about 20 €. You can check online their schedule or call one of the ticket offices listed above.

In both cases, make sure to check ferries’s updated schedule before booking your trip.


Transportation on the island


There are no public transportations reaching the house, as a matter of fact, renting a car is highly recommended. We also encourage you to rent a 4x4 car, as most roads on the island are not paved, (including Mèlisses’). For more information, have a look at our list of car rentals on the island of Andros.


Quads are a good alternative to cars, a more “adventurous” option. For more info contact Mamais moto, located in Gavrio.

Tel +30 6987145559 / email

NB: Please be aware that during Meltemi season, it may be more difficult to drive around the island with a quad, especially for long distances.


In the port of Xora, there’s the possibility of renting a private boat without licence and visit some of the most beautiful beaches of the island. For more information contact Rent a boat Riva.

Tel +30 2282024412 or +30 6974460330 / email

NB: please be aware that boats will be rented only with optimal weather forecast and stable wind conditions.

Where is Mèlisses


The property of Mèlisses is located in a really strategic point, halfway near to all main sightseeings. It is situated in the ancient bay of Paleopoli in Aprovato area. There, underwater, you can still see the old city, once the main harbour of the island. The property is just seven minutes away from the village of Batsi, a little harbour where you’ll find nice restaurants and small typical Cycladic shops. The capital of Andros: Xora, is about 35 minutes away from the house and Gavrion about 20 minutes away. From the house, you can easily drive around the island, discovering isolated wild beaches and water springs.

Questions & Answers:

How many guest can the house accommodate ?

The house can accommodate up to 14 guests.

Do you also rent the whole house ?

Absolutely ! Please contact us at

Is it advisable to rent a car during our stay ?

Definitely, please visit our car rental page for more information.

Do you allow Animals ?

Yes we do, we allow small pets, but they can’t have access to the property’s pools.

Is mèlisses child friendly ?

We can comfortably host children of all ages and provide everything they may ever need, including baby cribs, high chairs and strollers (we advice booking them well in advance). Parents should always supervise their children, especially around swimming pool areas or walking paths heading to the sea.

In which area is the house located ?

Mèlisses is located in the area of Aprovato, about 20 minutes away from Gavrio.

Do you host private events or Celebrations?

Yes we do! We can host wonderful private events and small celebrations. Please contact us at

When is the best time to come ?

Andros is always wonderful! We personally love off season months, such as September, October or even April and May, as the island gets really quiet and beautifully wild.

What about Meltemi ?

Meltemi is a strong North wind that blows on all Cycladic islands around the month of August and sometimes it can start a bit earlier, in July. Mèlisses is located on one of the most protected areas of the island, not exposed to strong winds.

What is included in our stay ?

Our daily rate includes breakfast, daily housekeeping and access to all facilities of the house.

Is it possible to have private cooking classes or Workshops?  

Absolutely! For more information please contact us at or visit our workshop page to join one of our group workshops.