OUR Philosophy

The name Mèlisses (in Greek “bees”) is inspired by the busy bees that typically distinguish the landscape of the island, in the proximity of the sea. At Mèlisses, everything is aimed to enhance the culture and beauty of Andros’ territory. The house, realised by the best team of landscape designers and architects, completely respects the local flora and fauna by using local plants and rough stones, creating a continuous connection with the environment, almost disappearing from human sight.


OUR Host

Mèlisses’ host and workshop manager Allegra Pomilio is Italian, but deeply fond of Hellenic culture and traditions. She has been working in the hospitality and gastronomy field for many years. She assisted and worked with the French food blogger Mimi Thorisson, hosting many workshops together and honed her skills studying at the Alain Ducasse Academy, as well as attending many prestigious Italian chef’s classes. She’s always looking for the best way to combine simply cooked homemade food served with beautifully displayed ingredients, paying a particular attention to the presentation of the dishes and to the “art de la table” all accompanied by the best wines and refreshments.

Living between Italy and Greece; her passion for food, travelling and lifestyle found perfect balance at Mèlisses, where she prepares everyday unique breakfast and hosts together with other guest personalities, intimate retreats and workshops aiming to discover the island of Andros, each time under a different perspective. Make sure not to miss our very special retreats! Each meal will take the form of an outdoor feast, savouring Mediterranean flavours and atmosphere.

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The house

The accommodation has a panoramic view that guarantees beautiful sunsets, with all the rooms looking over the magnificent sea. The property boasts two different salt water infinity pools, from where you can see the island of Ghiaros glimmering in the distance. Anytime is a good time to relax and have a dip in the fresh waters of our pools.

Mèlisses is surrounded by a variety of fruit trees, along with local fresh herbs and spices. With our vegetable garden, full of tomatoes from Santorini, local varieties of zucchini, and onions - our ingredients are picked freshly daily. These are all to be enjoyed in our homemade dishes and rich breakfasts served by the pool. 


The property is completely isolated with its private one hectare land on the sea. All around the house there is quietness and peace, complimented by the sea slowly crashing against the rocks down at the beach and sometimes the sound of little lambs and goats walking around freely. From Mèlisses you can see the clearest sky, completely dark at night, only brightened by a full moon and stars.

Enjoy an early morning swim, Mèlisses has its private access to the sea.

All you have to do is walk down the property and jump in the crystal waters of the bay. During your stay we will provide you fins and snorkelling gear in order to allow you to have the best experience possible, also underwater.


INDOOR space

Enjoy spending time in our open space kitchen-living room. Meet us every morning for our breakfast ritual, carefully displayed on our beautiful wooden table. Imagine having a cup of tea while admiring the Aegean sea, being just a few steps away from our beautiful infinity pool. Every detail of the room has been carefully designed; the old marble balcony has been repurposed into our beautiful kitchen counter, Thonet chairs and stools together with vintage objects from Italy and France embellish the room, along with antique furniture from some of the most refined Greek mansions.

Every wall of the house is adorned with unique pieces of art, from Mimmo Jodice to Armin Linke, including old botanical prints and vintage photos of Greece in the old days. The light and fresh tones of the house, confer Mèlisses’ environment a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, exactly what we love!

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We are looking forward to having you here at Mèlisses!