The Island of Andros


Andros is the first Cycladic Island that you encounter coming from Athens, and it is certainly one of the least crowded and most varied. It only takes a two hour boat trip from Athens to reach the island, and the harbour of Rafina is only 20 minutes away from the international airport of Athens.

Ancient monasteries, old villages and Isolated beaches are scattered along the coast all over the island; archeological rests from the Byzantinan period to the Hellenic are still today very well visible.


The wildlife outside and inside the water is incredible and it is still today completely untouched. The quality of conscious tourism makes Andros today one of the most authentic Greek Islands and its history as a maritime centre, combined with the island’s fortified villages, has drastically deterred development; everything still looks like it did a hundred years ago, making the villages and the surroundings look picturesque.

It is in Andros that some of the most important Greek families of ship owners lived, intending on keeping the island as intact as possible.

Food on the Island is always of the greatest quality, you can find all kinds of restaurants very different to one another, but all serving memorable Greek meals. The West side of the island is dominated by Turkish influence, which impacts on the culture of the island as well as the food.


Many springs can be found along the Isle and as the legend says they all belong to a Thessalonian sea tunnel that crosses the island and opens out into the green mountains, giving life to its surroundings. There are many local villages of extraordinary beauty, like the little port of Batsi and the peaceful hamlet of Korthi, one of the rare gems of the Cycladic archipelago. It is of course the capital of Xora that on its own represents one of the most elegant and refined villages of the Cyclades. People in Andros are welcoming and happy, living a slow life following the rhythm of the sea.


Uncover the secret wonders of Andros with us

Every year we organise bespoke workshops & events to explore and discover more about the island of Andros. We will introduce you to local producers, authentic tavernas and the most untouched areas of the island. Every time through different eyes, uniquely unforgettable.

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